A perfect coffee starts with the bean…

For those coffee lovers, coffee from Kenya offers a taste that is truly distinctive and pleasing. Grown in the red volcanic soil to the north and east of Nairobi, Kenyan coffee is one of the exotic coffees in the world with a very peculiar taste and aroma.

At Ameru, we supply top quality Kenyan Coffee directly from the plantation in Kenya. Ameru sells its coffee from the coffee forests in Kenya to your cup. We operate in our “crop to cup” bean sourcing system, buying directly from the farmers in Kenya. Due to this, we have the best access to the premium quality coffee. We also help the livelihood of the local farmers as we make sure that each step taken is not only about the quality of the coffee we deliver into your taste bud, but also about everyone involved in that cup of coffee in your hand is getting a fair share and happy.

Here at Ameru it is not just about serving coffee it is also about creating a bond with Africa and its taste.

We supply all kinds of coffee products such as green beans, grounded beans, and roasted beans according to your need. Join us for an experience of Africa!
The string that connects Ameru with Kenya is its founder, Mr. Abdallah Ndwala, who born in Kenya as a coffee farmer.

He acquired the knowledge regarding coffee through hands-on experience in the coffee fields of Meru County of Kenya Being very much aware of the hardships of farmers and coffee producers he believes in and ethical trade and right treatments to his workers in Australia and back in Kenya.


Background of the Ameru Founder Mr. Ndwala

Mr. Ndwala is well known in the coffee industry for attention to detail, well organized, self-disciplined, never compromise for low-quality products and poor customer service. He also has an experience of being a professional Chef
for 16 years in Australia.
Before coming to Australia, Mr. Ndwala has worked with Medicines’ Sans
Frontieres in South Sudan where he worked closely with the war refugees
there. It was in South Sudan he witnessed the first-hand experience of hardships and ordeal faced by the refugees. After coming to Australia, Mr. Ndwala is always concerned with the unfair conditions and hardships of the refugees here.
He is currently involved with Project Bantu where he teaches refugees culinary
arts to help them with their living. Founded by Mestre Roxinho from Capoeira
Angola, the purpose of Project Bantu is to assist the refugees or aboriginal
background youths to understand self more.

The project aims to help them regain their confidence by music and Brazilian martial arts. For more information about Project Bantu, please visit http:/www.projectbantu.org/


Ameru Coffee believes in “Njuri” which is Justice, Knowledge, Self-Discipline, and Tradition. Promoting Justice through ethical trade to farmers in Meru to staffs working for Ameru Coffee in Australia is what Ameru Coffee is working for. We believe in sharing knowledge and tradition of coffee culture to the people of Kenya and Australia. Ameru Coffee wants to pioneer itself in “promoting coffee culture & fair trading around the globe along with sharing knowledge of coffee for sustainability of the farmers.”


To follow its vision Ameru has been working on promoting justice through fair trade to its coffee farmers in Kenya and staffs in Australia. In Australia Ameru aims to expand itself to its full potential so that it can contribute to people in sustaining themselves both in Kenya and Australia.
A journey from crop to cup.


At Ameru, we choose only 100% arabica coffee which has a delicacy and flavor that is unrivaled in its botanic variety at Ameru which will spark you taste bud.

We only choose high-grade arabica which is graded by the international panel of qualified professionals as being one of the finest coffee on offer. Our coffee is carefully selected, and we know how to highlight its complex aroma and taste.

From around Mount Kenya region, we search for coffee that displays attributes that will spark the curiosity of the adventurous by tantalizing the sense of our customer.


If you love incredible coffee, you’ll love The Ameru Coffee. At Ameru, We give personality to our coffee! We believe that each palette is different, so our blends have been handcrafted to have a distinct character to meet our blends’ personage.


Coffee is our way of life, it’s at the center of everything we do. Our team has broad experience in the coffee business. In our mobile cafe, each customer we serve, each association we make is a chance to fill somebody’s heart with joy.


Our relationship with our farmers go beyond an email to a wholesaler. As Joel is from Kenya, he visits the principal coffee farmers every year to source it directly from the farm which continually raise the bar of our bean quality.
Trace of the coffee you sipped can go back to the time of its harvest. Best coffee starts with the best green beans. Here at Ameru we only source coffee of new season harvest to ensure that our coffee is as fresh as possible.


Each of our shipments of coffee beans are tasted by our green coffee buyers using international Q Grader cupping standards. Before serving it to the customers we at times taste it for five times so that we can know more about our coffee.

Ameru Mobile

At our mobile café we serve best of the African street food which is prepared by our house chef Abdallah. Beside our special Ameru brews we serve Bunny Chow which is a very popular street food dish of South Africa. Mahamuri which is very popular in East Africa including Kenya is will be served at our mobile café. Beside these exotic foods there are much more foods available.