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Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee consumption has become more than a wake-up boost for breakfast. For most of our customers and clients it is part of their lifestyle and what was once just about a caffeine hit to get through the day is now about acidity, complexity and balance, aroma and flavor, milky texture and extraction styles – quality and variety is the new focus.

All our coffee beans are grown in Kenya and roasted & packaged in Australia. We pride ourselves on the unique aroma and complex flavor profiles that our coffee beans offer. Our coffee is roasted with utmost care and attention to detail to assure freshness and consistent high quality.

Coffee Blends
Ameru House Blend

Our “Ameru House Blend” is a medium body, roasted combination of all our single origin beans, handcrafted into a special recipe offering a distinct, complex taste profile and aroma while highlighting the unique characteristics of each single origin bean variety.

Ameru Sport Blend

Coffee is known to be a very effective pre-workout drink, it can help reduce muscle pain, boosts metabolism and supports concentration during exercise. A touch stronger than our House Blend but still smooth and full of flavours – we specifically developed this blend to enhance athletic performance and its best to have as an espresso 30-45 minutes before you start your workout.

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Creating a bond with the origin of our beans is an important component of how we do business and in order to highlight our products as a reflection of our African heritage, we named our single origin coffee beans after the “big five” Africa animals.

Swahili for Lion – “Simba” is the king of our coffee beans. Fully washed and sun dried, the AA grade is a coffee with red currant and almond meal aroma, featuring a flavor profile of dried figs & raisins, soft plum & light raspberry. It has a smooth and slick body coupled with a mellow lime acidity profile.

Named after the graceful Kenyan Leopard, our AB grade reminds of the aroma profile of black tea. Fully washed and & sun-dried, “Chui” has a bold flavor and high smooth acidity with a mellow aftertaste. It is a full-bodied coffee, strong and smooth with hints of caramel and blackcurrants.

More concentrated and robust in flavor, the PB grade produces a marzipan barley flavor profile. It has also been fully washed and sun-dried but comes with a higher acidity – “Vifaru” has been named after the rare Kenyan Rhino.

Our C grade features an aroma of cinnamon, earth and apricot as well as a flavour profile of under-ripe apricot and salted walnut. “Nyati” has a muted acidity with a light body, dry finish and earthy notes. Just like the unpredictable African buffalo, the complexity of this bean can surprise you.

Green Beans

Kenyan coffee is known for its vibrant range of flavours, bold and bright tastes with complex tones of fruit and berries, as well as a body that is usually full or medium. At Ameru Coffee it is our main focus to supply and serve coffee at consistently high-quality to ensure that our customers experience the uniqueness of our beans’ characteristics. All our beans are 100% Arabica coffee, grown at high altitudes on rich, volcanic soil.

Green Beans Kenya AA



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“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close.”

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