Terms and Conditions

Credit Information Requirements

Ameru Coffee International Pty Ltd reserves its right to collect, hold, use and disclose credit information to assess an application for credit, verify a stakeholder’s identity or to collect overdue payment, exchange information with credit providers or debt collectors where permitted by the Privacy Act. We may also use credit information for direct marketing purposes, however our clients and customers may tell us at any time that they do not wish to receive such information or otherwise participate. Our clients and customers have the right to request access to and correction of their credit information as well as personal information at any time by writing, telephoning or emailing us.

Shipping & Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated based on weight and delivery location. All roasted coffee shipments are to be dispatched within 7 business days from the next scheduled roasting date. Green Bean shipments are to be dispatched within 7 business days from order date.

Methods of Payment

We accept cash and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club) for on-premise transactions.
We accept bank transfer, credit card payments and PayPal for client invoices.
We accept direct debit, credit card payment and PayPal for online orders.

Cancellation Policy

Placed orders can be cancelled within 24 hours only.

Payment Collection

Online orders and one-off orders are payable immediately prior to shipment.
Existing clients and ongoing supply contracts are payable on invoice. All issued invoices are subject to 7 days payment terms from day of delivery.
In case of delay or failure of payment, our system automatically issues payment reminders on day 7, day 14 and day 21 after due date

Warranties/Repairs/ Returns/Refunds

In adherence to the Australian Consumer Law, all our customers/clients have the right to request a repair, replacement or refund depending on the product and nature of the issue. We encourage that all claims may be made as soon as possible once an issue occurs. Coffee is excluded from return or refund unless the issue is quality related, in which case any claim is subject to investigation.

Prices & GST

Price are determined at the time of order and are subject to change without notice. Where applicable and unless expressly stated otherwise, all prices or other sums payable are inclusive of GST.

Privacy Statement

Ameru Coffee respects the privacy of its customers, clients and other relevant stakeholders and is committed to adherence to the Privacy Act and other relevant data protection regulations. All of the personal information collected or provided when engaging with Ameru Coffee International Pty Ltd is intended for our own use only and will not be distributed or shared with any third party.


All written, printed and digital material and content about Ameru Coffee including but not limited to texts, images, logos and product information are considered the intellectual property of Ameru Coffee International Pty Ltd. Any commercial use requires written permission from the company’s director or relevant representative.


Ameru Coffee International Pty Ltd

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the contents of these terms and conditions and our privacy policy please email our team through our contact form with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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