Our aim is to bring our customers and clients the finest African coffee direct from the source while leaving a positive impact on the local communities in Kenya as well as Australia. Our vision is to be a connector between different parts of the world, an inspiration to those facing hardship and a place for appreciation to our customers.


Here at Ameru we like to say  ”Siwezi kuanza siku yangu bila kikombe cha kahawa” which is Swahili for not being able to start our day without coffee.

Thus we invite you to take the plunge into the wonderful taste of the Ameru coffee selections.

What We Do

Ameru Coffee is an importer and supplier of premium coffee beans. Because we are a licensed dealer in Kenya, we are in the unique position to directly trade with local farmers.

Kenyan coffee is known for its vibrant range of flavours, bold and bright tastes with complex tones of fruit and berries, as well as a body that is usually full or medium. At Ameru Coffee it is our main focus to supply and serve coffee at consistently high-quality to ensure that our customers experience the uniqueness of our beans’ characteristics.

Whether you are a coffee roaster, own a coffee shop or love to brew your own cup at home – Ameru Coffee welcomes anyone who shares our passion for great coffee and we offer a variety of products and services according to our customer’s needs and business profiles.

But there is more…

At Ameru Coffee we believe in Justice, Knowledge, Self-Discipline, and Tradition. Nothing brings us more joy than sharing the knowledge and tradition behind coffee culture with the people we work and interact with.


Try our coffee beans

Ameru House Blend

Our “Ameru House Blend” is a roasted combination of all single origins handcrafted into a special recipe offering a distinct, complex taste profile and aroma while highlighting the characteristics of each single origin variety. Our House Blend roast is sold in 250g and 1kg bags.